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Warum sollte ich Autopflegemittel verwenden? - ATG GmbH & Co. KG

Why should I use car care products?

Car care products are used to improve and protect the appearance and durability of the vehicle. They include a variety of products such as waxes, polishes, cleaners and protectants for the body, rims, windows and interior of the vehicle.

The car wax

One of the most important car care products is wax. It provides protection from the elements and helps keep the vehicle's color shiny. There are different types of wax, such as carnauba wax, synthetic wax and wax paste. It is important to choose the right wax for the type of paint on the vehicle in order to achieve the best result. The Cleaner Wax from ATG is high-gloss and reliably protects the paintwork

The polish

Another important car care product is the polish. It is used to remove scratches and oxidation and to refresh the color of the vehicle. There are different types of polishes, such as abrasive polishes, conditioning polishes, and finishing polishes. It is important to select the correct polish for the vehicle's paint type in order to achieve the best result.

The shampoo and detergents

Detergents are another important car care product. They are used to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants from the vehicle body, rims and interior. There are different types of cleaning products, such as shampoo, rim cleaner and interior cleaner. It is important to choose the right cleaning agent for the application in order to achieve the best result.

The nano seal

Nano sealants protect and seal the vehicle's paintwork. They consist of tiny nanoparticles that penetrate deep into the pores of the paint and form a permanent barrier that protects against dirt, water and UV radiation. This keeps the color of the vehicle shiny for longer and extends the life of the paint. Nano sealers are particularly effective on black and dark colors that are particularly prone to fading and fading. They are easy to apply and require no special equipment or expertise. They are the best choice for any car owner who wants to protect and care for their vehicle.

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